What to Do With Old Futon Mattress

What to Do With Old Futon Mattress

When the old futon mattress no longer serves its purpose well, then it is time to get rid of it and move on to a new futon mattress. Sometimes buying a new futon mattress is a better and more practical choice than sticking with the old one.

When the sleeping pattern is already affected by the effects of the poor and old futon mattress or when using the old futon mattress gives more discomfort rather than comfort, those are warning signals that say one should buy a new futon mattress for the household.

But what do you do with the old futon mattress now that a new one has already been procured? Is it really necessary to throw out the old futon mattress because there is already a new one?

Well, throwing the old futon mattress out is not the only option. Here are some practical and creative ways on what to do with old futon mattress:

Give the futon mattress away.

Throwing the futon mattress away would mean unnecessary wasting, especially when the futon mattress is not dilapidated enough to be of no use. Rather than throwing the futon mattress away, give it to those who would need the futon mattress or those who could find a good way of recycling it.

Inform friends, relatives, and neighbors about the intention of giving the futon mattress away. If the futon mattress is still usable, one can donate it to organizations such as, the Salvation Army, shelters, recycling centers, pet rescue centers or the churches.

One will not run out of places to give the futon mattress away, especially when it is free.

Sell the futon mattress.

To make the futon mattress appealing, the futon mattress should be cleaned. One can sell it personally to known people or it can be done through the internet using second-hand selling stores.

This option, however, would entail too much work, particularly in online selling. Selling online would require posting the pictures of the futon mattress, putting up specifications, communicating with would-be purchasers, and organizing payment methods.

Reuse the futon mattress for kid’s use.

The futon mattress could be used as an outdoor seat for the children while playing outside. It could also serve as a substitute trampoline where the kids can jump around.

The futon mattress could also be a picnic mat. The children’s imaginations are limitless and there is no shortage as to how they can use the old futon mattress as part of their playtime session.

Just make sure that the old futon mattress is already clean before giving it to the children.

Disassemble the futon mattress and use the little parts.

If one is resourceful enough, the old futon mattress can be taken down and its components can be recycled for particular use. One only needs a little resourcefulness and creativity to make it a part of something new.

For a carpenter, the wooden slats, metals, and springs of the old futon mattress can find some use for future projects. For a seamstress, the fiber or the cover of the old futon mattress can be of use to sew another cloth.

Let the creative juices flow.

If one has a creative side, the old futon mattress need not be put to waste. Instead, the old futon mattress can be used as a canvas for an artist.

One can search the internet to look for some creative ways or ideas to turn the old futon mattress into a new masterpiece. This way, not only is the old futon mattress recycled but the creative aspect of the owner is also utilized and fulfilled. For any artists, imagination is the only limit.

Go clean and green with the old futon mattress. Aside from simple recycling, the bits and pieces of the old futon mattress can be used to make a compost pit in one’s backyard.

The wooden frame and the futon mattress stuffing can be utilized to do this part. The wooden slats can be used as the container bin of the compost pit.

The stuffing, on the other hand, can be used as a cover or a barrier that will keep the contents of the compost pit warm and protected from the weather.

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