Serta Cypress Futon Mattress Review

Serta Cypress Futon Mattress Review

Finding a bed that can be easily carried around anywhere can be quite a challenge. Finding one that can be easily converted into a couch or a sofa can also be something else. If these two are the priority requirements in a bed mattress, then one better find a futon mattress to do the job well.

When it comes to futon mattresses, what better way than to get hold of one of the best brands available in the market now? Lo and behold, the Serta Cypress Futon Mattress (“SC Futon” for short).


  • 8 in mattress
  • Full size
  • 288 Bonnel innerspring unit
  • Lace tufted
  • Fiber and foam cover for top & bottom innerspring
  • With medium support
  • Cotton-blend material
  • Made in the USA
  • Color: Khaki
  • Item weight: 57 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 75 in (L) x 53 in (W) x 8 in (H)


One of the bragging features of the SC Futon is its durable and unique upholstery that makes way for the combination of polyester fibers and quality grades of cotton. This combination allows the futon mattress to outlast and even outperform the traditional and typical cotton batting in usual futon mattresses.

The polyester and cotton combination makes this futon mattress a more comfortable mattress as well as a more resilient product that can withstand the elements that facilitate faster wear and tear of the futon mattress.

Despite the cotton and polyester that renders the futon mattress a durable and resilient built, the SC Futon surprisingly maintains its fairly lightweight character.

To add, this futon mattress has a spring unit that measures at least four (4) inches to give the mattress a little bounce to it. The spring unit, in turn, is also surrounded by an inch of foam pieces.

The foam pieces render the futon mattress a shape conforming and supple comfort to the sleepers. Both the foam pieces and the spring unit features add up to give this futon mattress a comfortable feel for its users.

Comfort is a priority goal for any bed mattress because a mattress should be able to help its users to sleep long and deep. As for the aspect of comfort, this futon mattress is not lacking.

And by the way the SC Futon was designed, it could provide its owners years of comfort. The innerspring unit, as well as the foam of the futon mattress, is surrounded by three (3) heavyweight layers of cotton fiber.

Add to the basic sturdy construction of this full-size futon mattress is a khaki duck fabric cover.

Another noteworthy character of this product is its origin. This futon mattress is made in the USA. Finally, with all the good quality and performance one can expect to experience from using the futon mattress, the product only comes with a fairly affordable purchase price.

This fact is always an advantage and a wanted benefit, especially for those who are in need of a new mattress for their new place but are not able to spend too much for the bed mattress because of a limited or tight budget.


The SC Futon is not all praises and benefits for it also has some reported downsides from the purchasers of the product – all of which should be considered well and taken into account before going through the purchase. One of the recurring issues with the futon mattress is the chemical smell that sticks with the mattress for days, and which only disappears after few weeks of use.

For those who have sensitive nasals, using the futon mattress out of the box could pose a problem. Another issue with the futon mattress is its lack of support.

The futon mattress only provides medium support – it is more on the soft side rather than the support side so it could be a problem for those who are in need of hips and back support.

Another issue about this futon mattress is its weight. Some would say that it would take effort and two people, if one is small built-in, to move it properly around the house.

This issue of weight could be a problem especially when one is alone in trying to move it. There are also some reports that after months of use, depending on the weight the futon mattress has to endure constantly, the inner springs of the mattress can be felt.


For the purchase price, one has to pay for the Serta Cypress Futon Mattress, this futon mattress is one good deal to make. With this futon mattress, one can expect a good performance and long lasting futon mattress in just a fairly affordable price.

Of course, there are some reported downsides to using the futon mattress, but those negative reports are not big or major enough to make the mattress an additional liability rather than an asset in the household. Definitely a recommended futon mattress!

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