Mozaic Futon Mattress Review

Mozaic Futon Mattress Review

Own a little space? Looking for a space saving furniture and stuff for the place? If that is indeed the case, then having a bed mattress that can be turned into a couch or a sofa will fit the place just fine.

What better way to save space and furniture than to own a futon mattress? And when it comes to futon mattresses, what is better than having a Mozaic Futon Mattress?


  • Cotton wrapped foam mattress
  • 100% reversible
  • Twin size
  • Lace tufted
  • Cotton blended fiber, poly-cotton fabric & convoluted foam materials
  • Cover cannot be removed
  • Color: Ivory
  • Item weight: 37.7 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 75 in (L) x 39 in (W) x 10 in (H)


The Mozaic Futon Mattress design is something to be noted. The design of the futon mattress is not only made for comfort but also to please the eyes.

For the appearance, the futon mattress has fabric that is lace tufted into the mattress – giving the bed mattress a sofa-like aura that makes it easy for the futon mattress to be converted into a sofa or a couch. As for the comfortable aspect of this futon mattress, the foam mattress was designed to be soft enough to facilitate rest and sleep.

The comfortable design also makes it easy for the futon mattress to be folded into a couch then flattened into a bed mattress. This capacity to be converted into a sofa and back into a bed mattress makes the futon mattress a versatile product in the household.

Because this particular futon mattress is versatile enough to be converted to and fro, it makes it the perfect addition to a small space or apartment that offers little floor space and storage space, and which has many household fixtures, furniture and stuff in general.

Have a couch during the day and then convert it into a bed at night, and this solves the problem with limited space and storage. It also saves the owner a few dollars in that they do not have to buy a couch and bed each.

The construction of this futon mattress is also advantageous. The mix cotton blend that wraps the foam of the futon mattress, the poly-cotton cover that encases the futon mattress and the laced tufted finish gives the product a clean look as well as a durable built.

In addition, keeping the clean look of the futon mattress is no problem for the mattress can be reversed entirely. The reversible character of the product also gives the futon mattress a longer service life because it extends the wearing and tearing effect of the constant use of the mattress.

Also, carrying the futon mattress around the house or moving it from one room to another is made easier by the mattress’ light weight. Compared to the other futon mattresses now, this particular futon mattress is lighter in weight.

What is another nice thing about this futon mattress being portable is it does not take two persons to move the mattress – one person is enough to carry it around the house. Finally, this futon mattress is not too expensive. In fact, it comes with a decent price despite its many benefits and advantages.


There are many benefits for having a Mozaic Futon Mattress but this futon mattress is a far cry from being perfect. To start with, straight out of the box, the futon mattress has an accompanying chemical smell that only fades away after weeks of use and being exposed to air.

For the sensitive nose, this fact would be a turn-off. Another issue would be the bendability of the futon mattress. The product is good as a mattress – lying straight – but it can be stiff and difficult to fold to fit a couch frame.

It would take a little more time and getting used to before the futon mattress can be easily converted into a sofa without too much effort and time.

Also, unlike what is advertised, this futon mattress is not ten (10) inches thick – it is somewhere around six (6) to eight (8) inches at most. For others, the lack of two or three more inches would make a big difference.

It is also unfortunate that the cover of the futon mattress cannot be removed for proper cleaning so it is advisable to cover the mattress in order to prevent stains and dirt from penetrating it.


The Mozaic Futon Mattress may have some reported issues, but it is nevertheless a product that offers good performance and decent quality materials. When one is in need of a futon mattress, this is one product that can be of choice.

This futon mattress is comfortable enough to use and has a versatile trait to it – always an advantage to homeowners with limited space and resources.

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