Life Home Premium Futon Mattress Review

Life Home Premium Futon Mattress Review

Looking for a futon mattress that can be used to accommodate the guests who are planning to stay the night? Planning on a sleeping arrangement for the visiting relatives who will stay for the entire week?

There is no need to fret over it when one has a Life Home Premium Futon Mattress to reach out when the occasion calls for it.


  • Full-size futon mattress
  • With microfiber mattress cover
  • Quality polyester & foam layering between coils & cover
  • 15-gauge pocket coils independently pocketed
  • 522 coils that are independently encased
  • Color: Brown
  • Item weight: 60 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 58 in (L) x 13 in (W) x 12.5 in (H)


The Life Home Premium Futon Mattress has a lot of features to offer. First on the line is the futon mattress’ use of quality materials that would help in giving the futon mattress a comfortable feel for its sleepers.

Comfort is one thing that any futon mattress brand should strive to give its users – a good long night sleep and rest are important for everyone and this can only be provided by the bed mattress if it gives the sleepers optimal comfort.

As for this futon mattress, this particular aspect is not a problem area. To prevent the coils from being felt by the sleepers, between it and the futon mattress’ cover are layers composed of quality polyester and foam.

This microfiber futon mattress does not only give comfort to its users for it also gives support to the back and the hips of the users. The support is mainly provided for by the five hundred and twenty-two (522) coils – all of which are deeply pocketed and independently encased.

No more tossing and turning at night just to find a good position for the futon mattress to support those hips and back.

Another advantage of having this futon mattress is its versatile features making it a convenient and practical addition to the household. This futon mattress does not only work as a bed mattress but it can also be folded and converted into a couch or a sofa.

This dual function of the futon mattress makes it not only convenient furniture but also a cost effective fixture in the house. For regular use, it can stay as a couch but if additional sleeping space is needed for guests who are planning to stay for the night the futon mattress can be easily converted into a bed mattress.

On top of those features is the cherry on the top – the futon mattress can be purchased at a decent purchase price. This is always a wanted benefit, especially for those who are badly in need of a new futon mattress but do not have a big budget to work around.

This futon mattress may give several advantages to its users but it is not at all that expensive to own.


The Life Home Premium Futon Mattress may have several beneficial features but it is not immune to some drawbacks. Some reports would say that the futon mattress is a comfortable bed mattress or a sofa – only when it is made to be like that always.

This means that when the futon mattress is used as a bed mattress then converted to a couch or the other way around, there could be some problem.

When the futon mattress is made into a couch and then used as a bed, the folding of the futon mattress could lead to the formation of some lumps that do not go away even when the futon mattress is flattened back into a bed. The formed lumps could be uncomfortable to lie on or sit on.

Also, folding the bed into a sofa can be hard to do because of the futon mattress’ thickness. It would take more effort and a little time at first to put the futon mattress into a futon frame. Sometimes the futon mattress can even be too stiff to fold at first try and the mattress needs a little getting used to when it comes to folding.

There is also some chemical smell that sticks with the futon mattress when taken out of the box – this could be a problem for those who are a little sensitive. The smell, however, eventually fades away after some time and after several uses.

To get rid of the smell faster, it is recommended that the futon mattress is exposed to open air more often so windows should be opened when the weather allows it.


The Life Home Premium Futon Mattress is a prime example of futon mattress that performs well and delivers as expected. On top of the quality and the performance of the futon mattress is a decent and affordable purchase price that makes owning the product no hardship.

This is one product that lives up to expectations and more. This is definitely a product that could be recommended to others.

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