How to Maintain a Futon Mattress

How to Maintain a Futon Mattress

These days, the futon mattress is slowly gaining popularity when it comes to the field of bed furniture. Due to this fact, more and more households are purchasing futon mattresses. The popularity can be attributed to the many benefits that one can enjoy out of using the futon mattress.

Aside from being convenient, the futon mattress is also practical, versatile, cost effective and long lasting. As a general rule, the construction and the materials used in making the futon mattress are the factors that dictate the durability or the long service life of a particular futon mattress.

But the two factors are not the only ones that dictate a futon mattress’ durability – maintenance also plays a big role in giving the futon mattress a long service life.

Maintenance of the Futon Mattress

The one thing that should be done in the maintenance of a futon mattress is to clean it regularly. If the futon mattress is properly maintained, the normal rate of the product’s wear and tear is slower and the shelf life of the futon mattress is lengthened.

If the futon mattress is not kept cleaned,  the normal wearing out of the product will be faster no matter how durable the materials used are and how sturdy the construction or the design of the futon mattress is.

The basic know-how in maintaining a futon mattress is to know how to wash a futon mattress, among others. So here are the following ways on how to go about it:

How to Wash a Futon Mattress

Before going on any process, it is always smart and safe to check the futon mattress’s manual or user guide in order to look for correct directions on how to wash a futon mattress as well as the prohibitions and limitations in washing the futon mattress in order not to destroy the bed mattress.

When none is present or given, then the following are common cleaning tips that can be followed:

Flip the futon mattress or the sofa regularly.

The flipping works in order to prevent the creation of lumps that would give the futon mattress an uneven and uncomfortable surface. Regularly would mean at least once a month for a couch while regularly in futon mattress would mean every time the sheets are changed.

Do routine cleaning.

Vacuum the futon mattress weekly if it is being used as a couch. Air out the futon mattress for hours when changing the sheets.

Using a wet but clean cloth, wipe the bed frame or the futon frame for dust and dirt in order to prevent it from sticking to the futon mattress itself.

Prevent staining by covering the futon mattress.

To prevent staining of the futon mattress is easier than to get rid of the stains so it is better to cover the futon mattress always.

Use vinegar to get rid of mildew, mold, and stains.

Combine a cup of white vinegar and four cups of water. Use a sponge to clean the affected area by dipping it into the solution, squeezing the excess water and dabbing it on the fabric.

To get rid of the smell after, clean the sponge and dab it on the area. Follow through by drying the futon mattress outdoors.

Use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of the dirt.

Drop a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide into a cup of water. Then clean the dirty area gently with a sponge. After that, air-dry the futon mattress to take out the excess hydrogen peroxide.

Machine washing the futon mattress cover.

If the cover is removable, then clean the cover separately from the futon mattress by washing the former using a washing machine. As for the futon mattress, avoid getting it soaked with water or wetting it too much because it does not only take the time to keep it dry but it may also cause damage to the futon mattress.

Deodorize the futon mattress.

To do this, vacuum first the futon mattress for any loose particles attached to the mattress. After vacuuming the futon mattress, sprinkle basic soda on it and let it stay for at least 30 minutes so that the unwanted smell can be absorbed.

After the allotted time, vacuum the baking soda using a vacuum brush and repeat the same steps for the other side.

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