How to Find Comfortable Futon Mattresses

How to Find Comfortable Futon Mattresses

When it comes to guest beds, the futon mattress is the go-to-bed mattress for so many reasons. Firstly, having a futon mattress is more affordable because the futon mattress is cheaper compared to other types of bed mattresses.

Secondly, the futon mattress is less bulky than memory foams and other bed mattresses. Thirdly, the futon mattress is more lightweight and portable, unlike the other bed mattresses that are very heavy to carry around.

And fourthly, futon mattresses can hit two birds with one stone – aside from being a bed mattress, a futon mattress can also be used as a sofa or couch and it can be easily converted from one form to the other.

Comfortable Futon Mattress

Each and every bed mattress, including the futon mattress, should aim to provide its users a comfortable sleeping experience. It is a given that in order for a futon mattress to be sold and have high sales, it has to be first and foremost comfortable for use.

A comfortable futon mattress would facilitate a long and deep sleep as well as rest – this is very important especially after a very productive and tiring day at work or in school. So the only goal now for any futon mattress brands, is to be the most comfortable futon mattress available in the market.

However, when one searches the internet, one will be faced with a number of futon mattresses that claim to be the most comfortable.

Features of the Most Comfortable Futon Mattress

So how are the futon mattresses screened and what should a futon mattress have in order for it to lay claim to the title of being the most comfortable futon mattress? Here are some key features that a futon mattress should at least have:

Good quality.

This would pertain to the materials used for the construction and design of the futon mattress. If the materials used in the making of the futon mattress is of good quality, it adds to the comfort of the users.

For example, a microfiber cover and quality cotton layer of a futon mattress would give that breathable feel. When a futon mattress is breathable, it does not trap heat within the mattress and the user will not have a warm feeling when lying down on the mattress.

The design of the futon mattress also makes a difference. A smooth and even layer would mean that there is less chance for the uncomfortable bumps and lumps to take place.

This even layer can only be achieved if the futon mattress is hand stuffed, layer by layer, to ensure that each layer is free from lumps. A futon mattress of good quality is one that is polished even up to the last detail.

This would rely depend on the personal preference of the sleeper.

But as a general rule, the comfortable futon mattress thickness for a typical adult is around six (6) to eight (8) inches. Anything below the standard would give the futon mattress a thin feel while anything above the range would feel too thick for liking.

Nevertheless, personal preference is a major deciding factor when it comes to this aspect.

Surface Feel.

This can be classified into two (2) categories – soft surface and firm surface. Again, this aspect would again boil down to personal preference. There are those who feel more comfortable with a soft surface – one that allows the body to dip into the futon mattress.

There are also those who prefer a firm surface and feel more comfortable sleeping on it. A futon mattress that has a firm surface, however, gives more support when compared to the soft surface.

So when a sleeper needs support for the back and the hips, a firm futon mattress is the choice to make.

From the key features discussed above, it is safe to say that there is not one futon mattress that can be considered as the most comfortable mattress for everyone because “most comfortable” is a case to case basis.

What is comfortable to one sleeper may be uncomfortable for the other. So at the end of the day, the gauge would depend on the personal preference of the sleeper.

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