Guide to Standard Futon Sizes

Guide to Standard Futon Sizes

With the current trend these days, it can be noted that there has been an inclination among households, especially the small ones, to purchase futon mattress. There could be several benefits one can have out of using a futon mattress but one of the most important advantages of having a futon mattress in one’s home is that it can be used for dual functions.

It can be a regular bed mattress for the bedroom or it can a sofa or couch in the living room. And when the occasion calls for it, it can be easily converted from one form to another; a convenient and practical addition to one’s household.

Whether as a bed mattress or a sofa, the product has some standard futon dimensions to take note of before purchasing. So as a guide, here are the following standard dimensions for a futon:

How to Take the Measurements

Before going on a futon mattress shopping spree, one should first determine which futon mattress size to buy. This can be done by measuring the futon frame where the supposed futon mattress is to be placed.

To make the correct measurements, be sure to take the measurements of the interior of the frame where the futon mattress will rest. Exclude the rails, arms and decorative edges in taking the measurement.

To get the width measurement, place the measuring tape on a straight line across the futon frame. Start at the interior of the rail or arm, and measure up to the end of the other rail or arm.

Then match the measurement to nearest standard futon dimensions in order to get the correct futon mattress.

Standard Futon Dimensions for Mattress & Sofa

For the futon mattress, the common standard futon dimensions available are those of the single/twin size, double/full size and the queen size.

It should be noted that the standard futon mattress sizes are the same as the sizes used for the other types of bed mattresses in order to make them compatible with standard size bed accessories; such as bed frames, box springs, bed linens and even mattress covers.

Single Size or Twin Size – 75 in (L) x 39 in (W)

This is the smallest available size that has the exact same length as that of the double or full size. This particular size is the choice when it comes to small or limited spaces because it requires the least floor and storage space among all the standard sizes.

Double Size or Full Size –75 in (L) x 54 in (W)

This is also the most common size for a futon sofa. For a guest bed, this futon mattress size is a perfect choice. It comes with a bi-fold frame and a tri-fold frame and can be used on a platform frame.

Queen Size – 80 in (L) x 60 in (W)

This size is often the choice for a futon mattress that could be used with a platform frame. Like the full size, this mattress size also comes with a bi-fold frame and a tri-fold frame, although the bi-fold frame can look a little awkward because the queen size would give the sofa a longer back rest.

For the futon sofa, the usual standard futon dimensions are those that fall under the 28-in chair, 39-inch chair and a love seat.

Love Seat – 54 in (L) x 54 in (W) or 54 in (L) x 21 in (W) or 75 in (L) x 54 in (W)

This love seat could have an attached ottoman for foot rest or can recline to provide a sleeping surface.

28-Inch Chair – 28 in (W) x 54 in (L) or 28 in (W) x 21 in (L)

This type of chair is narrower when compared to twin or single size and it can be used with or without and attached ottoman.

39-Inch Chair – 39 in (W) x 54 in (L) or 39 in (W) x 21 in (L) or 39 in (W) x 75 in (L)

This size is between an oversized chair but smaller than a love seat. It has, however, the same width as the twin bed. This futon mattress type usually comes with a built-in ottoman that can create a space for rest after dining, or simply a sleeping space.

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