Futon Mattress and its Different Sizes

Futon Mattress and its Different Sizes

When it comes to the different types of bed mattresses, the futon mattress is slowly gaining popularity among each and every household – especially those with small and limited spaces. The preference of the futon mattress over the other types of bed mattresses can be attributed to the fact that the futon mattress can have a dual function.

It is common for a futon mattress to function as a regular bed mattress as well as a sofa or a couch. A futon mattress is often made to be foldable and is designed to fit a futon frame when the occasion calls for it.

Having a futon mattress is generally always an advantage because it is like hitting two birds with one stone – one can get a sofa on top of a bed mattress.  And who does not like that?

Futon Mattress

In its traditional sense, the futon originated in Asia – Japan, to be exact. A futon literally means ‘bed’ in the Japanese language.

The word ‘futon’, however, took a slightly different meaning when it was adopted by Western countries. Instead of futon pertaining to being a bed, the Western-style futon would be referred to as a bed mattress.

Hence, the bed mattress is commonly referred to as ‘futon mattresses’. Originally, a futon mattress is made up of cotton, but through time and innovation, materials used for the bed have already been changed or mixed.

Now, a futon mattress is still mainly composed of cotton but the cotton can also be mixed with foam and polyester, among other things. The one thing that sets the futon mattress apart from the other bed mattresses is its versatile capacity. It can be a bed mattress but it can be converted into a sofa or couch by merely folding the futon mattress.

Futon Mattress Sizes

Like the other bed mattresses, there are also different futon mattress sizes that one should take note of before making the purchase. The rule of thumb would be to make the bed frame size or the futon frame size the point of reference in picking the correct futon mattress sizes.

If there are no bed frames or futon frames to draw a reference on, the correct futon mattress sizes can be determined by the available mattress cover. Like the typical bed mattresses, the futon mattress sizes are also classed into five (5) categories – with the single and twin sizes as the smallest and the California king as the biggest.

The following are the different futon mattress sizes available in the market now with its standard measurements:

California King Size

This size measures 84 inches in length and 72 inches in width. This size is not common in futon mattresses and is not usually able to be converted into a couch.

King Size

This measures at least 80 inches in length and 78 inches in width. Like the California king size, this size is rarely used and is not ideal for couch purpose.

Queen Size

The measurements for this is 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width. Queen size is the usual size for platform frames and it can have a bi-fold frame for a sofa or a tri-fold frame for an oversized chair.

However, a bi-fold sofa will give a higher back that would be awkward to look at.

Double and Full Size

This measures 75 inches in length and 54 inches in The full size is the usual size used for a futon sofa. It is also a good size for a futon mattress that could serve as a guest bed.

Like the queen size, the full size has a bi-fold frame and tri-fold frame. It can also be used with a platform bed frame.

Single and Twin Size

The smallest futon mattress size measures 75 inches in length and 39 inches in width. This size has the same length as the full and double size but it is the more preferred mattress size for those places with small or limited spaces. It can be used on a platform bed frame, a 39-inch ottoman chair or a tri-fold frame.

It should be noted that the measurements used the sizes of the futon mattresses are also the standard measurements for any type of bed mattress.

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