Epic Furnishings Futon Mattress Review

Epic Furnishings Futon Mattress Review

Happen to own a small place or apartment? Have to fit stuff and all the furniture into a limited area? Trying to look for a bed mattress that could also function as a sofa when not in use? If one has to work with small spaces or homes, having a futon mattress solves most of the space problem.

Try out a futon mattress like the Epic Furnishings Futon Mattress for a change.


  • Au naturel futon mattress
  • 14 in 100% best cotton batting
  • Hand stuffed
  • Lumps and tear-free layers
  • Hand wrapped edges
  • For platform beds
  • Item weight: 97 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 80 in (L) x 78 in (W) x 6 in (H)


If one prefers a firm bed to lie on or sofa to sit on, then the Epic Furnishings Futon Mattress is just the right futon mattress to have around. It is not too soft – therefore there is not much sagging that takes place with the mattress.

Also, the support needed for the back and hips can be provided by this futon mattress so there is no need to toss and turn in one’s sleep just to find a position or place in the mattress that would give that support.

To give the owners of the futon mattress a long lasting comfort, the inside and outside pressure needed from a mattress are already covered by this futon mattress. Inside the futon mattress is fourteen (14) inches of the best cotton batting, all compressed into six (6) to eight (8) inches of thickness.

To add to the comfort of the users is something that this futon mattress holds as its top priority. The usual problem of a futon mattress when it is folded into a couch then flattened back to a bed is the formation of lumps and tears.

With this futon mattress, this scenario is avoided because each layer is hand stuffed. Special attention has been given to the details to make sure that each and every layer is made even and that there are no tears and lumps within.

Also, the edges of the futon mattress are hand wrapped to give the edges the same layers as that of the middle surface. All of these would help in making the futon mattress as comfortable to use as possible.

On top of those benefits is a nice delivery package for the futon mattress. It is also an advantage that, although the futon mattress offers a lot of benefits with its features, the mattress remains to be quite affordable.

One need not empty the pocket just to have a futon mattress like this one. The affordable purchase price is a special treat for those who have a small or limited budget and are in dire need of a good and firm futon mattress; something good enough for the back and hips support and a small space.


One thing that makes the Epic Furnishings Futon Mattress turn off is its weight. The futon mattress weighs at least ninety-seven (97) pounds.

This is very heavy for one small or medium-built person to carry around and fold into a futon frame. One might need the help of another in moving the futon mattress from one room to another (sometimes a tedious and inconvenient process for the owner).

Because of the weight of the futon mattress, it makes it a perfect partner to a platform frame; however, a downside when one does not own a platform frame in the first place. Getting hold of a platform frame could mean additional cost that is not part of the budget allocated for the purchase of a bed.

Also, like most of the new futon mattresses, this one has an accompanying chemical smell that could linger for weeks. This is a downside for those who have sensitive noses and cannot tolerate such odor.

The problem with the futon mattress’ smell could be addressed however by exposing the futon mattress to open air or covering it with a mattress cover for the mean time. Finally, the futon mattress may be good to use as a bed mattress but the same does not hold true when it comes to using it as a sofa or couch.

This is due to the fact that the futon mattress is firm enough that it makes it difficult to fold it into a futon frame for couch or sofa use.


When one is looking for a firm futon mattress that will give the support the hips and back need, the Epic Furnishings Futon Mattress is just the right thing to have. Although this futon mattress is not much for a couch or sofa use, it works more than fine as a bed mattress.

It may be difficult to move around because of its heavy weight but once in place, this futon mattress could be one of the most comfortable futon mattresses one can lie on.

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