DHP 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress Review

DHP 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress Review

Futon mattresses are becoming the premier choice for lots of consumers these days. They are versatile since you can use them as a couch or a bed. They can save space so many individuals who live in homes and apartments with limited spaces often choose a futon over traditional mattresses.

If you have a hard time looking for one, read these reviews for easier selections. First product for review is DHP’s 8-Inch Futon Mattress.


  • Includes 15-gauge independently-encased coils
  • Made with high-quality foam and polyester layers among coils and cover
  • Material is 100% polyester
  • Fits regular full-size futon frames
  • Measures 74”L x 53”W x 8”H
  • Includes microfiber futon mattress cover


If you’re deciding what type of futon mattress to buy, check out coil futon mattresses. Futons that include coils like this DHP 8-Inch model have 15-gauge independently-encased coils which means it will provide a firm yet comfortable sleeping and resting spot for you.

If you prefer the solid feel of a bed, then futon mattresses with coils are for you.

This DHP model has only 15 coils, which makes it a really nice mattress. It has been said that futons with fewer coils are better than their counterparts which have lots of coils.

A futon mattress with coil does have its benefits. It gets rid of motion transfer, which means you will still sleep like a baby even if another person sleeping next to you is moving or budging. It is also the kind of mattress that provides all-around comfort.

It can reduce neck, back, and hip pain so if you suffer from any of those conditions, the futon mattress with coils can help.

Coil futon mattresses are also durable and will provide longer service compared to foam types. The majority of them are longer lasting than full foam models.

Most futon mattresses contain foam though, to serve as insulation, and this DHP product has it as well. This model is made with high-quality foam in this mattress for better cushioning, and to better seal the coils so users won’t feel them digging into their backs.

The DHP 8-inch has fabric seams which look as if they can be cleaned with just gentle wipes. It fit futon frames conveniently and was able to bend without effort into a seated position. It provides plenty of cushioning which enables it to sit in a bent position properly.

Once out of its wrapping, the futon mattress will start drawing in air and expanding. The coils will help it return it to its proper form.

The mattress regained its form, and even though it had a new product smell when just unpacked, the smell subsided fast. It will be gone by the next morning.

When it comes to comfort, the futon mattress performed well. It was firm and solid, yet comfortable enough to sleep on and rest. The brown side of the futon was striking and it has a suede-like feel to it.


If you are looking for a softer, more pliable mattress, then this product is not for you. Keep in mind that this product is a coil futon mattress so it has a definite firmness to it.

One setback of the product is that the top layer of the stuffing bunches up whenever the futon is in a seated position and it makes the whole item look rather lumpy. Not a good look.

The mattress’s color is not even brown all over. It is only brown on one side so it can only be employed on that particular colored side. The mattress was also hefty and unwieldy so if you need a mattress that is easier to handle, look for another product.


The DHP 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress is a product for individuals who are after a mattress that has a solid, firmer feel. It was capable of maintaining its form too, due to it being a combination foam and coil model.

However, this is more of a traditional mattress than a futon mattress since it makes for a better bed than a couch. This is recommended for people who need a solid futon mattress that provides comfort and durability.

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