D&D Futon Furniture Japanese Floor Futon Mattress Review

D&D Futon Furniture Japanese Floor Futon Mattress Review

Planning to get a mattress that can be easily brought and used anywhere, especially directly on the floor? Looking for a futon mattress that can be easily stored and taken out when the need arises? Well, you are in luck!

All this can be achieved with a handy and dependable futon mattress that comes in the form of the D&D Futon Furniture Japanese Floor Futon Mattress (“D&D Futon” for short).


  • Floor futon mattress
  • Flame retardant compliance
  • Cotton material
  • 100% polyester cover material
  • Foldable cushion mats
  • Color: Black
  • Made in the USA
  • Item weight: 21 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 80 in x 54 in x 3 in (Full size)


If there is one thing that makes the D&D Futon a desired asset and a stand out from other futon mattresses, it is the fact that is versatile – a convenient and practical trait is that it always beats other products due to its versatility.

This futon mattress is not just a futon mattress because it can be used for many purposes other than just being a bed to sleep on.

There is no limit as to how this particular futon mattress can be used. For indoor use, the futon mattress can be used as a seat for the children when they are playing games; an extra seat for the visitors; a cover for massage sessions; and, a mat for yoga or exercise activities.

This futon mattress is not only for indoor use, but it can also be taken outdoors as a seat or mat to sit on or lie on during picnics. The futon mattress has so many uses that it becomes a convenient and must-have product in each and every household.

Another thing that makes this futon mattress a desirable addition to the household is its capacity to be used as a bed mattress even without the need or support of a bed frame. The futon mattress can be placed directly on the floor when one needs a bed to sleep on.

Because there is no need for this futon mattress to have a bed frame to lie on, it makes the product a portable piece of furniture in the house. Moving the futon mattress from the storage room to a guest room, from the guest room to the living room, from the living room to any parts of the house will not pose a problem.

The futon mattress is lightweight at 21 pounds. Transporting the futon mattress from the house to another place, like a dormitory or an outdoor picnic area is because of its portability.

The storage of the futon mattress is also no problem. Unlike other futon mattresses that can only be folded in half and would require a little more storage place, this futon mattress can be rolled up or folded up to four times to make it possible to store it inside the closet or require a little floor or storage space.

For small spaces, having this type of futon mattress is more practical and convenient because there is no need to worry about having big storage spaces for the D&D Futon. In addition, this futon mattress comes in full size so there is plenty of room or space upon which to lie.


The D&D Futon may have several benefits but it also has a number of reported disadvantages to take note of first before buying the futon mattress. This futon mattress is only three (3) inches thick so others may find the mattress too thin for comfort.

If a user is used to having thicker futon mattresses, this one would cause significant discomfort for a first time user. The curvy or wavy surface of the futon mattress may also add to the discomfort of the sleeper, especially if one is very sensitive to an uneven surface.

Also, although the image of the futon mattress has an accompanying pillow on it, this futon mattress has no pillow included in the purchase. One simply has to make a separate purchase for the pillow if none is already available for use in the house.


The D&D Futon Furniture Japanese Floor Futon Mattress may have few negatives as to its overall form, but those do not discount the fact that the futon mattress is a well-rounded and practical addition to the household. When there are many guests that would have to stay for the night, having a futon mattress like this one saves one from the problem of looking for additional beds when the guest rooms are full.

It also helps that this futon mattress can be used for many other purposes than simply being just a bed. Most importantly, this futon mattress is both for indoor and outdoor use.

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