Choose the Right Futon Mattress According to Your Needs

Choose the Right Futon Mattress According to Your Needs

A futon has lots of advantages which is why many prefer them over traditional mattresses. They are versatile items since you can make use of them as a couch or a bed. You can also use the futon with a selection of covers or toppers if you want to further personalize your bedroom or living space.

Futons are also more affordable compared to regular mattresses, so you can save money by choosing a futon instead. There are several futon mattress types available so you can select something that will really correspond with your needs.

You can look for futon mattresses for use at home or the office. Futon mattresses can be paired with either wooden frames or the metal kind.

They are strong and reliably built. It can be used as a couch if you put it in an upright position. Because of its design, futons are actually space-saving home fixtures.

This makes these mattresses ideal for people living in smaller spaces, since you can use it as a couch and then prep them up into a bed again later for a brief nap or bedtime.

Lots of retail outlets sell futon mattresses, so you will not have a hard time looking for one. You can look for it in furniture shops or through online stores.

But before making a purchase, make sure that you know all futon mattress types so you will have an idea of the model you need.


The cotton ones are soft but at the same time, they have supportive properties. Cotton material is absorbent, breathable, and durable, and is capable of resisting temperature.

However, they can be heavier compared to mattresses that are made with cotton and foam combined. There are organic cotton futons available that are free from chemicals, and they do not include any type of fire retardant.

Cotton and foam

Futons made from foam and cotton are becoming top picks among consumers. The cotton and foam materials are layered in the futon. They are lighter than cotton futon mattresses.

By adding foam to the layers of cotton, it makes the item softer and plusher than other futon mattress types. The foam can either come in blocks or intricate layers.

The foam that comes in blocks provides a smooth impression while the ones with intricate foam provide more heft. The layers of cotton provide breathable properties to the futon and let the mattress conform to the body of the user without feeling springy.

Cotton and wool

The wool in cotton and wool futons serves as the outer layer and also acts as a natural fire retardant for the mattress. Wool also provides excellent padding and makes the mattress cozy.

Wool is also breathable and can repel dust mites. The combination of the two materials minimizes sagging and thinning of the mattress. When it comes to futon mattresses without chemicals, the cotton and wool models are recommended.

Innerspring coils

The innerspring coils that this kind of mattress has are located in the center of the futon mattress. The coils provide solid support that drives back the pressure given to them in order to offer excellent padding that lasts.

Futon mattresses with innerspring coils are either surrounded by cotton, foam or a combination of both materials. These layers safeguard the user’s body from feeling the mattress coils. This kind of futon mattress is also durable.

When it comes to the quality of a futon mattress, price does matter. You must select a model among those futon mattress types that will suit your needs and preferences.

For best value, you can go for cotton and foam futons. If you are after softness, choose mattresses that have wool or foam. In case you want something firmer, look for innerspring coil futon mattresses.

For individuals who have allergies, look for mattresses that are organic and can prevent allergens like dust and dust mites.

In order to make them last, it is recommended that you take care of your futon mattress. They have to be rotated and flipped like conventional mattresses.

Cotton ones can be aired outdoors whenever the weather is clear. Airing them will get rid of the odors. For better protection, you can also use a topper or a futon mattress cover on them.

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