All About the Futon and Futon Mattress

All About the Futon and Futon Mattress

When the word ‘futon’ is being mentioned, there are several words that usually come to mind – ‘sofa’, ‘couch’, ‘bed’, and ‘mattress’.  The word may be only be composed by one word but some would often confuse futon to many things.

So, to address the confusion once and for all, the questions “what is a futon?” and “what is a futon mattress?” will be answered.

The word ‘futon’ is a Japanese which which literally means “bed.” The literal meaning, however, was somewhat altered by Westerners/Americans and given another, slightly deviated meaning.

In the Western context, it is used to refer to the bed mattress – or most commonly said, “the futon mattress” – and not the bed. In the Japanese language, the parts of the bed are composed of the shikibuton (the mattress), kakebuton (the comforter), and makura (the pillow). The shikubuton is the old version of the futon or futon mattress.

What is a Futon Mattress?

So ‘futon’ really refers to a futon mattress but what is a ‘futon mattress’? What makes it different from the other types of mattresses?

A futon mattress is basically a bed made of cotton – a natural material that gives complete support to the body while on the bed asleep because it follows the contour or shape of the back.

However, the futon mattress is now being created with other materials aside from cotton today – there are also futon mattresses that are made of wool, cotton mixed with foam, horsehair, coconut and latex.

What makes a futon mattress different from the standard bed mattress is its construction and convertible character. A futon mattress is composed of different layers of material tufted in place to make the batting secure, and this would translate to a long-lasting futon mattress.

Aside from being a bed mattress, a futon mattress can also be used as a sofa, chair or couch. The Western-style futon mattress can usually be folded in the middle to enable the futon mattress to serve as a couch at day and it can be flattened back into a bed for night time use.

Benefits of Using a Futon Mattress

First of all, a futon mattress can be easily converted into a couch or a bed when the need arises. Its double purpose is not only convenient for the owners of the futon mattresses but also cost efficient.

This is because there is no more need to spend money on another set of bed mattresses or couch. Aside from the fact that a futon mattress can have dual purpose – it can be converted into a couch or bed back and forth – using a futon mattress also has some other benefits which make it a preferred bed mattress over the other bed mattresses.

For those who have back problems, the futon mattress can help in alleviating the pain and other annoying signs and symptoms of back problems because it provides full support and comfort to the back.

The futon mattress is composed of materials that would allow the futon mattress to contour and shape the back or body of the sleeper, thereby giving complete support to it.

Another benefit that one can get out of using a futon mattress is that the futon mattress is usually breathable. Heat and moisture will not be trapped within the futon mattress so there is only comfort in using the mattress.

For the environment-friendly or conscious homeowners, the futon mattress is also a safe choice for it does not emit toxic gases that would harm the surroundings and the ozone layer.

Also, among all the available bed mattresses being offered in the market these days, the futon mattress is the most natural. To add, another advantage of the futon mattress is it comes cheaper than the spring mattress.

For those who are with a limited budget, the futon mattress is a good and practical choice. Finally, the futon mattress is easy to transport because of its foldable nature.

With its foldable capacity, the futon mattress requires little space for storage – a fact that is very beneficial when the household or place is made up of very limited storage space.

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