Your Best Guide on Futon Mattresses

Your Best Guide on Futon Mattresses

Living in a small apartment means you’re in need of furniture to maximize space. There are in fact furniture pieces that will help you with those space problems, like those innovative office and bed combination pieces or the indispensable futon.

If you’re looking for a mattress that can double as a couch in the daytime, then you require a substantial futon mattress.

Futon mattresses are ideal if a guest turns up for the night and you have to use your living room as a bedroom. You can also opt for a futon if you are currently staying in a dormitory or a cramped apartment.

The best ones on the market are durable as a standard couch too. Here are a few more important things to consider about futons.

Benefits of a Futon Mattress

A futon mattress makes for a great investment.

They are interchangeable items

The futon mattress is composed of 3 individual pieces; the mattress itself, the frame and the cover. Consumers can customize all items in order to suit their needs and preferences.

The covers are a snap to change since they come with zippers and you can switch covers according to your taste.

They are comfortable to sleep on

Futons are no longer the thin mattresses of yore. Modern ones are definitely thicker and are composed of compacted layers of cotton, wool or latex.

Because of this upgrade in materials and construction, futons can now last for up to 15 years depending on how users take care of it.

They are versatile

The futon mattress is pretty simple to take down and set up. They can serve either as a couch or a mattress for users and their guests. Furthermore, they are lightweight and are fairly easy to move and carry around.

More affordable compared to regular mattresses

Traditional mattresses can cost up to thousands of dollars. Futon mattresses, on the other hand, are reasonably-priced compared to their standard counterparts.

A Guide on Futon Mattress Purchase

Purchasing a futon mattress is the same as buying a bed mattress. You have to consider factors like thickness, support and its capability to resist allergens.

But the  mattress has to include several features that a traditional bed mattress does not include. Consider these factors to buy the best futon mattress.


For adult sleepers, a model with a thickness of 8 inches will provide sufficient comfort with a metal frame. If your futon frame is made of wood, go for a thicker model because the wooden ones are harder compared to metal frames.

Amount of folds

Futon mattresses come in two kinds of folds; the model can be bi-fold or tri-fold. Bi-fold ones can be folded into two sections while tri-fold ones can be folded into 3 sections. The folding setup you  purchase will be based on the kind of frame you own.

See manufacturer specifications or get in touch with the company to check whether you should get a bi-fold or tri-fold futon mattress.


If you plan on sleeping on the mattress frequently, you should opt for a model with innerspring coils. This kind of futon mattress setup provides excellent support in the same manner as a regular bed mattress.

However, if you only plan on using the item every once in a while, you can invest in a foam and cotton batting model.


To provide protection for your mattress and give it a longer lifespan, you have to buy a quality cover for it. It’s the first thing you’ll notice when you sit or lie on your futon, and it provides a barrier to keep the mattress clean.

You can opt for aftermarket covers as well, a synthetic fabric is a good choice if you want to use it as a sofa. Buy several so you have options and can rotate them.

Futon frames

The quality of the mattress should be consistent with the frame. Longer-lasting wooden frames are made with quality materials. The most sought after are oak, cherry, ash, and maple wood frames. They can be expensive but make a good investment.

Metal ones are durable and very sturdy. They come in a wide selection of designs and are cost-effective to boot. Wood composites or particleboard frames are affordable options and while they are strong in general and have sufficient reinforcement, their sturdiness won’t match wood and metal frames.

Sleeping style

Individuals who are fond of sleeping on their side might need a futon mattress that has the capability to distribute body weight while at the same time, contour to the shape of the user’s body effectively. Foam mattresses are ideal for side sleepers.

For individuals who often sleep on their backs, they should opt for mattresses which are firm but should provide ample protection for their spine. Any kind can help but look for a model that will always provide the best comfort.

For people who sleep on their stomachs, they should opt for a model that is not too firm. Air-filled futon mattresses or ones with innerspring coils are recommended.

For people who are allergic to mold and dust mites, they should get a mattress made with foam or latex because they are resistant to those unwanted pests.

Make Your Futon Mattress More Comfortable

Many people are satisfied with the futon mattress they have bought, but if you want to up the comfort factor, you have to check out these suggestions.

Provide supports beneath the mattress

One good way to make a futon mattress comfortable is to make provide supports for it beneath the mattress. Adding wooden bed slats will add firmness and can counteract sagging in the middle part of the item or all over its edges.

Consider a mattress topper

You can slip a mattress topper within a futon cover or layer the item on top of it. Cover the topper and the mattress with a fitted sheet to contain every item together and you are all set.

Add a featherbed

A featherbed is a down comforter that you sleep on rather than pulling over you while you sleep. It is divided into segments in order to keep it from moving around to one side of the bed or vice versa. It also provides another layer of comfort and warmth.

Add some comforters

One great way to provide lots of comfort to a futon sofa is to add a comforter. Layering comforters on the futon mattress will provide loads of extra cushioning and warmth that is ideal during the colder seasons of the year.

Get an air mattress

Futon beds are not as thick as regular bed mattresses and it can be a bit difficult and awkward to sit down in a lower position for some people. For comfortable seating, why not layer an air mattress on top of the futon mattress?

The layers can offer twice the comfort and support plus it will also supplement that needed extra height. Check out air mattresses that will fit your futon mattress effortlessly and choose one that is capable of inflating and deflating mechanically for a simpler setup.

Change the futon mattress

A futon mattress that is comfortable makes for a sound, restful sleep. They come in a wide range of thicknesses and of course, thickness matters when it comes to comfort.

But you have to inspect the material of the futon mattress every once in a while especially if you have been using the item for a while. Over time, a mattress will start to thin out.

Foam mattresses are able to maintain their shape over time excellently compared to ones made with cotton material. If you notice that the mattress is losing its shape or is sagging in the middle, it’s time to replace it.

5 Suggested Futon Mattresses

Futons are widely available, making it difficult to choose the best futon mattress. There is such a variety of kinds, sizes, and materials so you have to know which to choose.

We have discussed what you need to know about the futon mattress and included some helpful tips for buying as well. Now we are here to present some products that have garnered positive points from satisfied customers.
Check these items out and know what product will work for you.

DHP 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress

The DHP 8-Inch Premium Futon Mattress includes independently-encased coils and it has excellent foam and polyester materials that are provided between the cover and the coils. It feels as comfortable as a regular bed mattress due to it having a sufficient amount of firmness, but makes for a better bed compared to a couch due to its firmness.

The brown part of the item has a feel like suede material. The top layer of the mattress filling clusters up whenever the futon is arranged into a seated position and in turn looks lumpy and unattractive.

The mattress though was capable of retaining its shape and it has that new product smell as soon as it was unwrapped. The smell did subside quickly so it will not be a bother.

This product was just firm enough to be comfortable. This is the model for individuals who want a futon mattress that is able to maintain its form.

It is also more recommended for people who want to use a futon mattress as a bed and not as a couch.


  • Comfortable and has sufficient firmness
  • Composed of high-quality foam and polyester layers among coils and cover
  • Includes easy to clean microfiber futon mattress cover
  • Have 15-gauge independently-encased coils provides better support


  • Top layer bunches up when in seated position
  • More ideal to use as bed instead of couch
  • Firmness might not please other users

D&D Futon Furniture Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattress

The D&D Futon Furniture traditional Japanese futon mattress is a nice option for the budget-conscious consumer. If you are a student who wants a comfortable futon mattress, you can check this one out.

The foot of the futon has straps so it makes for a travel-friendly product. However this is not a washable futon so in order to protect it, you have to use it with a fitted sheet. The futons were also treated with fire-retardant materials to comply with California laws hence expect that the mattress will have a noticeable smell on it after unwrapping it.

This smell though goes away after drying the item in sunlight. This is still a nice option due to its reasonable price. Students and individuals who want to maximize space can have a go at this. If you want to experience the feel of using a traditional Japanese Shiki futon, then this product should not be missed.


  • Travel-friendly
  • Gives excellent value for price
  • Comfortable


  • Not washable and must be used with fitted sheet
  • Has temporary fire-retardant smell

Artiva USA Home Deluxe 8-Inch Futon Mattress with Inner Spring

The Artiva USA Home Deluxe 8-inch Futon Mattress with Inner Spring will not take over your room, meaning it will not take up loads of available space. Furthermore, you can change it into a couch; just supplement the mattress with a futon frame and you can have a bed and a couch in one, whenever you need.

It delivers excellent comfort, made with durable materials and it comes with 23 lace tufting too high superior-grade support to the futon mattress. It is made with memory foam filling and top-quality cotton hence it provides users with the comfort they are longing for when they rest or sleep.

The mattress merges technology and the latest in futon mattress design so you can be sure that you will be provided with the quality and construction that you need in such an item. It can fit effortlessly into any full-size futon frame. It is a versatile item too since it can fit guest beds, couch beds, and children’s beds as well. The Deluxe 8-Inch is a modern and chic futon mattress that will garner the attention of individuals who follow a minimalist approach to interior design.

People with practical tastes will find the futon mattress a convenient item to have around as well since it makes for an excellent guest bed. It’s ideal for consumers who want a versatile mattress that has a number of uses, not only as an item to sleep or rest on.


  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Made with high-grade cotton, foam and innerspring
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Has chic minimal design
  • Comes in other colors
  • Provides sufficient comfort for sleeping and resting


  • Weighs more than 40 pounds so it’s not travel-friendly

Home Life 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress

The Home Life 8-Inch Futon Mattress with independently-encased coils allows users to experience individualized comfort due to each coil being individually pocketed. These coils enable the mattress to contour itself effortlessly to the body of the user leading to a more comfortable sleep.

This kind of bedding coil is motion-resistant as well, so it will not transfer motion as you sleep on it. Meaning other people sleeping with you on the bed will not be disturbed by any movement made. Independently-encased coils move by themselves and they are long-lasting and sturdy to boot.

You can trust them not to wear down easily unlike traditional coils. They will also provide an excellent support system for the user’s body while they sleep at night. The coils are designed in a manner that it can offer pressure relief for the user as compared to regular coil mattresses and foam futons.

In addition, they are flexible and weightless, which in turn contributes to the overall great quality of the product.


  • Includes 15-gauge independently-encased pocket coils
  • Made with high-quality polyester and foam layers
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Will not sag easily
  • Can fit any standard full-size futon frame


  • Will require regular maintenance

EMOOR Japanese Traditional Classe Futon Mattress

Now if you are after a traditional and genuine Japan-made futon, you must see the Classe model from EMOOR. This is a futon mattress with the classic specifications of a traditional futon and at the same time, modern elements to enhance its functionality.

It is packed with a fabric filling called Mightytop II which comes from Teijin in Japan. This is a material composed of industrial-level polyester which has anti-tick, anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties. The materials used in the fabric stuffing are also tested rigorously to make sure all ingredients are considered safe for human use.

It has an outer fabric that is made of 100 percent hygroscopic cotton with 200-thread count making it a very comfortable futon mattress. It remains warm in cold weather like autumn and winter and it will not feel hot and sticky during the hottest season of the year.

The Mightytop II filling is the product’s greatest strength since it makes the futon mattress soft and firm, so it meets all your comfort requirements in one. You can even place the mattress directly on the floor without worrying about it being uncomfortable.


  • Authentic Japanese-style futon
  • Has Mightytop II engineered polyester stuffing
  • Made with 100% cotton cover with 200-thread count
  • Has sufficient 5-inch thickness
  • Comfortable for sleeping on the floor
  • Material and construction feels comfortable no matter the season


  • Thickness might not be sufficient for some
  • Does not include storage pouch

Buying a futon mattress requires consumers to take into consideration some important factors too like they would a traditional bed mattress. The best futon mattress will have all the properties that consumers are after.
To make excellent buying decisions, users should also refer to product reviews in order to know the product features better and make easier choices.

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